To provide the highest level of orthotics and prosthetic services to our patients. Working in partnership with the patient’s physician and therapists, and with consideration to lifestyle and patient history, Able II will strive to enhance the rehab process for patients in need of orthotics and prosthetic devices.

Able II Orthotics & Prosthetics staff has 45 years of combined experience in the areas of brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, pediatrics, and orthopedics. The majority of experience is in the rehabilitation setting. Our knowledge and understanding of the importance of communication and availability is crucial for a positive outcome.

Our staff also works hard to stay up to date on all new technology in these areas. Through this we also educate the therapy teams and teach them what to look for. Able II Orthotics & Prosthetics success can be attributed to collaboration, experience, education, and availability.

Able II Orthotics & Prosthetics has set scheduling so that there is always a practitioner available for immediate attention to accommodate the therapy teams, patients, and their families.

Brain Injury – Working in close partnership with therapists and doctors, we have been able to contribute important input to the orthotic application that will best suit the individual’s condition, such as the type of ankle foot orthosis, hinged, solid or leaf spring, dynamic, or if there is a need to reduce tone by adding tone-reducing properties. Our comprehensive services range from foot orthotics to improve patient comfort and alignment, to helmets that protect surgical sites or assure patient safety.

Spinal Cord Injury – We use the same proven technique with staff to determine each patient’s needs and help in achieving goals. There are several areas where we have been instrumental with design and fabrication of hand supports for driving, wheel chairs, or holding pens. For patients that have the potential to walk, we can evaluate them with physical therapists to make recommendations for orthotic devices that will support the effected limbs. Able II Orthotics & Prosthetics has also preformed many adjustments for patients in body jackets and halos as well as cervical collars to improve their comfort levels or even to improve the patient’s immobilization.

Pediatrics – Able II Orthotics & Prosthetics has developed a large pediatric practice starting in Madonna and growing to around the surrounding area school systems. Dealing with a broad range of diagnosis and limitations from flat feet to high tone and spastic patients is a large growing part of are current business.

Stroke – Evaluation is crucial in all areas of our field, but especially with stroke patients. Through direct contact with the therapy team and doctors, we perform an in-depth review of the patient’s past and present condition. Assessing what improvements the patient has made helps a great deal when determining which orthotic device will best suit the patient’s needs. Other underlying conditions include vascular problems (swelling in feet and legs) and diabetes (possible future skin problems), current sensation in lower extremity tone, and spasticy. We assess the knee joint and how much control the patient has over it. Is it in a flexed position, or is it hyperextended? We utilize all this information in determining which orthotic device is best. Then we follow up with the patient throughout the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation process.

Orthopedics – Orthopedics is part of all of the other areas previously mentioned. We have worked with the range of motion of joints, reducing contractures, immobilizing and stabilizing joints, and positioning extremities to aid in the healing process for pre- and post-surgical ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and spinal orthotics. We stock a large number or orthopedic devices to serve all of our patients needs.

Full list of Able II services:

Able ll Prosthetics

Transtibial (Below Knee)
Immediate Post-Surgical
Removable & Non-Removable
Rigid & Semi-Rigid
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Total Surface Bearing
Silicone Suction Sockets
Patellar Tendon Bearing Prosthesis
Transfemoral (Above Knee)
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Quadrilateral Sockets
Narrow ML Sockets
CAT-CAM Sockets
Ischial Containment Sockets
Bone and Muscle Contoured Sockets
Flexible Socket/Rigid Frame Designs
Suspension Systems
Silicone Suction
Traditional Suspension
Hip Disarticulation/Hemi-Pelvectomy
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Canadian Style Sockets
Skeletal Containment Sockets
Flexible Wall/Ridged Frame Designs
Partial Foot/Ankle Prosthesis
Toe Fillers
Functional Prosthesis
Cosmetic Restorations
Symes, Lisfranc, Chopart, etc.
Advanced Componentry
Hydraulic Systems
Microprocessor Control Systems
Ultra light Resin, Braids
and Composites
Energy Storing Foot Systems
Sports Prosthesis
Swim Prosthesis
Recreational Prosthesis
Geriatric Lightweight Systems
Upper Extremity Prosthetics
Custom Color Cosmetic Gloves
Passive & Functional Systems
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Partial Hand and Wrist
Transradial (Below Elbow)
Transhumeral (Above Elbow)
Shoulder Disarticulation
Silicone Restorations
Conventional Systems
Hybrid Systems
Externally Powered Systems
Externally Powered
Myoelectric Systems
Pediatric Prosthetics
Above Knee
Below Knee
Upper Extremity
Able ll Orthotics
Cervical Orthotics
2 or 4 Post Orthoses
Custom Molded Cervical Orthoses
Philadelphia Collars
Spinal Orthotics
Scoliosis Orthoses (Milwaukee/Boston)
Custom Body Jackets (LSO & TLSO)
Metal Frame Orthoses (LSO & TLSO)
Jewett Hyperextension & Flexion Orthoses
Custom Fitted Corsets
Lower Extremity Orthotics
Metal, Plastic or Carbon Graphite Systems
Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthoses (HKAFO’s)
Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthoses (KAFO’s)
Ankle, Foot Orthoses (AFO’s)
Tone Reducing AFO’s
Custom-Molded Plastic Knee Orthoses
Sports Orthoses
Osteoarthritis Orthoses
Lenox Hill, CTI, Ortho-Tech, Generation II etc.
Fracture Bracing
Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity
Post-Op Management
Upper & Lower Extremities and Spinal
Reciprocating Gait Orthoses
Pavlik Harness
N.D.T. Tone Reducing AFO’s
Dennis Browne
Pediatric Shoes
Straight Last
Night Splints
Knee Orthoses
Orthopedic Last
Reverse Last
Custom-Molded Orthopedic Shoes
Custom-Fit Orthopedic Shoes
Comfort Shoes
Foot Orthoses (Arch Supports)
Biomechanical Foot Orthoses
Semi-Rigid and Sport Orthoses
Diabetic & Arthritic Supports
Shoe Modification
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Upper Limb
Dynamic/Static Orthoses
Airplane Splints
Wrist Splints
Elbow Orthoses
Shoulder Subluxation
Humeral Cuffs