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Services  |  Prosthetics

Transtibial (Below Knee)
Immediate Post-Surgical
Removable & Non-Removable
Rigid & Semi-Rigid
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Total Surface Bearing
Silicone Suction Sockets
Patellar Tendon Bearing Prosthesis
Transfemoral (Above Knee)
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Quadrilateral Sockets
Narrow ML Sockets
CAT-CAM Sockets
Ischial Containment Sockets
Bone and Muscle Contoured Sockets
Flexible Socket/Rigid Frame Designs
Suspension Systems
Silicone Suction
Traditional Suspension
Hip Disarticulation/Hemi-Pelvectomy
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Canadian Style Sockets
Skeletal Containment Sockets
Flexible Wall/Ridged Frame Designs
Partial Foot/Ankle Prosthesis
Toe Fillers
Functional Prosthesis

Cosmetic Restorations
Symes, Lisfranc, Chopart, etc.
Advanced Componentry
Hydraulic Systems
Microprocessor Control Systems
Ultra light Resin, Braids
and Composites
Energy Storing Foot Systems
Sports Prosthesis
Swim Prosthesis
Recreational Prosthesis
Geriatric Lightweight Systems
Upper Extremity Prosthetics
Custom Color Cosmetic Gloves
Passive & Functional Systems
Preparatory Prosthesis
Definitive Prosthesis
Partial Hand and Wrist
Transradial (Below Elbow)
Transhumeral (Above Elbow)
Shoulder Disarticulation
Silicone Restorations
Conventional Systems
Hybrid Systems
Externally Powered Systems
Externally Powered
Myoelectric Systems
Pediatric Prosthetics
Above Knee
Below Knee
Upper Extremity