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Q. Is it normal that my skin is red after I remove my orthosis or prosthesis?
A. Minimal redness is expected with both orthosis and prosthesis. However, if you experience redness or irritation that lasts longer than 30 minutes after removing the brace contact your orthotist or prosthetist.

Q. When should I have a new socket fabricated for my prosthesis?
A. When you are using 15 to 17 ply of socks or more, you should be evaluated by your prosthetist. Also, if the shape or size of your residual limb changes you should see your prosthetist about a new socket.

Q. Can the alignment of my prosthesis be changed as my activity level changes?
A. Yes, it is expected that the alignment of your prosthesis will change over time. This normally occurs in a new amputee as he or she adjusts to the prosthesis and becomes more active.

Q. Can the components of my prosthesis be changed (i.e. knee, ankle, foot)?
A. These components can be changed depending on the type of prosthesis. However, a prescription is usually needed to do so.

Q. How do I obtain new liners and/or socks?
A. A prescription and an evaluation are usually needed.

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